Get Involved

Little Falls Radio is about giving a voice to Little Falls.  That means you.

The easiest way to start programing is with a music program.  Bring in your CDs, or use material from our library to create for one or two hours of music.  Your show can be a particular genre or your favorite assortment. The program should be informative.  Tell us why you like each track, what it means to you or to someone you know, include mentions of the artists, song details (when it was composed, etc.) mentions of local and world wide people you’d like to play songs for, and/or your commentary on the music.

Interested in hosting a talk show?   There are many subjects and formats to choose from.   Informational, Cultural, Social, Educational are all formats you might be interested in.  Talk shows take a bit more time to develop and produce, but are important and enjoyable for all participants.

We have elections coming up. We can ask the various candidates to come in, one at a time, and tell us why they think they deserve out vote, and what they propose to do if we give them the job.

There are various festivals and events in Little Falls in the months ahead.  LFR can provide parking information, guidance about venues, and general information to help visitors get where they want to go, and enjoy what they have come to enjoy.

Little Falls Radio can and will accept adverts from local businesses and organizations, messages from local residents, etc.  Station sponsors and underwriters will be acknowledged, as can the help of an organization to assisting in hosting a show, etc. (e.g. a meeting room provided for a recorded discussion, a performer who donated CDs, a volunteer who helped with recording etc.).

There are things you’ll learn about producing your own show, and it does require some commitment.  But, it’s fun, and we’re flexible too.  You can have a once a month show, twice a month show, once a week or once every two weeks.  You can also request an interview for your upcoming event, or project.  As you can see from our current schedule, we are happy to feature local community, church, group, organization and business events, when we can get a representative into the studio to talk about it.  You can also sponsor a show and benefit from air time and community networking through the station.

Whatever you want to do, there is one crucial thing to remember.  We are Little Falls Radio, and everything we do has to have some form of connection to Little Falls.  If that connection is you, then you can play any music you like, and discuss any topic you like.  If you are from elsewhere, the material has to have that connection.

Join Little Falls Radio.  It’s as much fun as you want it to be.

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