LFR – a Part 15 radio station

What is a Part 15 radio service?  

These are low power AM transmitters which if using approved equipment, need no FCC licensing.

For more info on Part 15 radio, click here.

Coverage of Little Falls would require possibly two transmitters, each costing under $1k plus some linking equipment, making a total of perhaps $5k.  Each transmiiter is about the size of a shoebox.

One advantage is that we could start with one transmitter, and as interest and revenues grow, expand to two or three.

A disadvantage is the way in which am radio is affected in the hours of darkness, and care would be needed to select the optimum frequency if 24/7 operation is decided on.

While donations would also be welcome, a Part 15 station can generate advertising revenue to support its operation and growth.  Local businesses would benefit from low cost, near immediate adverts.  For example a cafe could decide to offer a free coffee with every two donuts, and have that on the air the next day.

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